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what is Lotus Pop Roasted Makhana

Lotus Pop Roasted Makhana (also known as fox nut , makhana , or gorgon plant ) is a specie of NYMPHAEACEAE family. It is an aquatic produce harvested from the ditches , land depressions and ponds etc without any fertilisers and pesticides , hence naturally it is called ORGANIC HERBAL FOOD .

LOTUS POP ( our Roasted Brand ) is consumed as dry fruit snacks by roasting . Being roasted & sprinkle spices on it proves a tastier hygienic and digestive health snacks. Home made roasted LOTUS POP can get rid of the junk chips and other snacks from the children’s ill habits.

Organic Herb : Lotus Pop Roasted Makhana is harvested from the stagnant wetlands. In the whole cultivation and even post harvest process neither fertilisers nor pesticides is used. After harvesting the leaves and stems remained in the same waterbodies which proves as fertilisers for the next crop, hence it is called ORGANIC NATURALLY. Being herb, Lotus Pop Roasted Makhana is one of the main ingredient of Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine and TCM ( traditional Chinese Medicines.)

Medicinal : Sweet, astringent in flavour , neutral in nature, Lotus Pop Roasted Makhana is highly nutritious and digestive food.Due to its medicinal properties it is widely accepted/ consumed by all age group all over the world. It can reinforce the spleen , kidney and improve appetite .It has the effect of preserving body essence and arresting chronic diarrhoea, seminal discharge, spermatorrhea, and leucorrhagia. Being anti-oxidant , Lotus Pop Roasted Makhana helps in respiratory systems, veins, digestion , frequent urination .It helps in Cardio Protection. Lotus Pop Roasted Makhana is very useful for women during pregnancy and post natal weaknesses.It is a superior herb highly regarded for restoring sexual Vigor and youthful energy even in older men also. It regulates blood pressure, relieves numbness and aching near waist and knees. It is suitable for arthritis, impotence and even in premature aging.

Fox nuts (Makhana ) is an annual plant native to Eastern Asia, and is found from India to Korea and Japan , as well as parts of eastern Russia. It grows in water , producing bright purple flowers. The leaves are large and round , often more than a meter (3 feet ) across, with a Leaf stalk attached in the center of the lower surface. The underside of the leaf is purplish, while the upper surface is green. The leaves have a quilted texture although the stem, flowers and leaves which float on the surface are covered in sharp prickles, other leaves are submerged.